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Ava Sambora
Ava Elizabeth Sambora was born on October 4th, 1997. She is a young model and actress, daughter of the rocker Richie Sambora and the Actress Heather Locklear. In 2010 at the Los Angeles Fashion Weekend, Ava walked the runway for her father's clothing line, "White Trash Beautiful". She made her acting debut in the movie "This is 40", and she also appeared in one episode of the Disney Channel serie "Good Luck Charlie" as an older version of Charlie Duncan.

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|| Date: Jueves 26/02/2015 | Author: Celia || Category:Sin categoría

Hello everybody. As you might have noticed, we haven’t posted anything in a couple months. Due to personal issues I haven’t been able to do it. But now I’m back, and I’m going to keep on posting everything about our beloved Ava Sambora. In the following days, I’ll be updating the gallery with the pictures of these last months. Hope you visit us frequently and hope you guys like the website.
Att: AvaSamboraXXOO’s staff

|| Date: Lunes 22/12/2014 | Author: Celia || Category:Sin categoría

I know December is almost over, but I’ve had no time to upload November pictures.

Gallery> personal pics> 2014> November


|| Date: Domingo 9/11/2014 | Author: Celia || Category:Sin categoría

Hey guys, I’m sorry I should have posted this October 31st but I was sick so I couldn’t. I have uploaded to the gallery Ava’s personal pics of October, this month there are more pics than usual because it has been the Homecoming dance and Halloween so Ava has posted a lot of pictures to her social networks. You can see all the pictures clicking below:

Gallery> Personal pics> 2014> October

October 2014 Personal pics (10) October 2014 Personal pics (52) October 2014 Personal pics (56) October 2014 Personal pics (78)

|| Date: Sábado 25/10/2014 | Author: Celia || Category:Sin categoría

Altought we all would love to see Ava again in a movie, the rumor of her being Jane Grey in the upcoming Marvel’s X-Men Apocalypse is fake. We have been reciving many comments and messages asking about it, so we asked Ava and she confirmed it herself: she is not working in any movie by now and she hasn’t any project. Right now, she’s on Senior year, it is a very important year and obviously she wants to focus on school.

Nevertheless, Ava’s goal is to become an actress, as she told last year in a Teen Vogue interview, so we’ll probably hear about new projects really soon.

|| Date: Martes 14/10/2014 | Author: Celia || Category:Sin categoría

Ava was seen the 12th of October in Calabasas with her boyfriend Westy, you can see the pictures in the gallery:

Gallery> Candids> 2014> October 12th

October 12 2014 Calabasas (2) October 12 2014 Calabasas (3) October 12 2014 Calabasas (10) October 12 2014 Calabasas (22)

|| Date: Domingo 5/10/2014 | Author: Celia || Category:Sin categoría