I have uploaded to the gallery the pictures that Ava and her best friend Alexa were taken when they went to LF Store in Santa Mónica. They both look stunning.

Gallery> Photoshoots> 2014> LF Stores



Today is Richie Sambora’s 55th birthday, and we to wish him the best for today and for the rest of his life. He is Ava’s favourite man in the world, and so is ours. He is such an inspiration and we love his music, we wish him to continue playing and enjoying it forever.



Ava has finished school, and now she’s enjoying the summer holidays. I’ve uploaded to the gallery all the pictures she has uploaded to twitter and instagram:

Gallery> Personal Pics> 2014> June

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Yesterday was prom dance at Ava’s school, I’ve uploaded to the gallery the photoshoot she did with her friends. You can see all the pictures clicking below:

Gallery> photoshoots> 2014> prom


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I’ve updated the gallery with more pictures of Ava attending the Radio Disney Music Awards with her father, and photos taken by paparazzis at the Coachella Music Festival.

Gallery> Public Appareances> 2014> Radio Disney Music Awards

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Gallery> Candids> 2014> Coachella music festival

coachella 1 coachellacoachella 1 coachella